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Date April 2018
Location — United States
Needs — Logo + Identity, Branding, Print Design, Website
Website —

AppCatalyst is a healthcare mobile app development company whose main products are a patient symptom checker and a pre- and post-surgery information and planning app. They came to Two Labs Creative with an interesting challenge: marry their two brands while maintaining the impact of their lead product solution. The new brand also needed to pay homage to and not discard the recognition of the previous brand. Further, the client wanted to concretely identify and streamline its internal and external identities, messaging, and brand story, and translate these into a new website.

After a process of discovery and key stakeholder interviews, identification of the AppCatalyst brand platform, and conversion of these elements into a new brand, brand architecture, logo, website and company collateral, both the Two Labs and AppCatalyst teams were pleased with the results. The deliverables have given AppCatalyst a brand that represents its identity, helped solidify how the company visually and verbally presents itself to clients and the healthcare industry, and how it will evolve as it grows further.

I was responsible for all design deliverables.

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