Collectives™ on Stack Overflow

Branding, Strategy, Design

Collectives™ on Stack Overflow

Date June 2021
Needs — Branding, Digital and Marketing Design, Art Direction
Website —

Collectives™ on Stack Overflow is a product released on Stack Overflow as an opportunity for developers on the public platform to join a community around a particular company, technology, or platform. Original launch partners were Google Cloud and Google Go.

The Brand Design team was tasked with incorporating new product into our fold of logos, as well as designing and building all the community and client-facing pages and marketing materials. I collaborated with our Team Lead, David Longworth, on logo assembly, page layout and design. We also worked with Alexandra Francis on the hero illustration, providing direction, ideas, and feedback to the final image.

I built out social and marketing materials from the direction and vibe we settled on. I also created spot illustrations to add to our design system, Stacks, that are specific to different features of the product. Finally, I drew product abstractions for use in marketing materials and to serve as inspiration for on-page abstracted views.

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