Misc. Logos

A Collection of Logos Completed for Passionate Pursuits

Misc. Logos




Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with different businesses and individuals who are in need of a starting point, or a small identity to stand behind.




Brooke Maddaford

Date February 2017
Location — Denver, Colorado

Brooke Maddaford Editing Logo


Date January 2017
Location — Denver, Colorado

Savory Microgreens Logo

Agenda For Change

Date August 2016
Location — The Hague, The Netherlands + Denver, Colorado

Krista Kushik Photography

Date June 2016
Location — Denver, Colorado

Terroir Cider

Date April 2016
Location — Denver, Colorado

Terroir Cider Logo Label

Samantha Corpus Foundation
11th Annual Golf Tournament

Date April 2016
Location — San Francisco, California

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