Date May 2015
Location — Newport Beach, California
Needs — Logo + Identity, Branding, Art Direction, Print and Digital Design, Website

Uccellino is the first non-medical, in-home, post-natal newborn resource of its kind. A concept that was born from personal experience of new parents, Uccellino assists clients in working through the first few months of their baby’s life.

I worked with Uccellino to help name the company; design the logo, identity and website; and serve as a contract designer for the company’s first few months of business.

Uccellino means baby bird in Italian. We chose the name because the business works very closely with each client to help the parents prepare for the baby in their home (nesting), and then once the baby is born, be there to assist for the first few months. Uccellino’s clientele is upper-middle class to upper class, and we wanted the brand to be familiar to the tastes of the customer. Since launch, Uccellino has been purchased and absorbed into a larger brand.

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